Save The Children

Save The Survivors

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Save The Children's new focus is to change the narrative around children in conflict zones, shifting our perception from victim to survivor.

This campaign sets out to tell the story that children are strong in the face of adversity and the music plays a crucial part as a narrative instrument.

What better fitting song than the iconic "Survivor"?

The song is key, so our first main challenge was to clear the iconic work.

After a few months, we finally had a cleared work and sourced the right talent for the production.

Norwegian artist and producer ARY, in combination with musician Harpreet Bansal, together offered the perfect modern and powerful sound.

  • Music "Survivor" by Destiny's Child (written by Knowles, Knowles & Dent)
  • Arrangement & Performance ARY & Harpreet Bansal
  • Production ARY & Ohlogy
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