Studio Spring/Summer 2023

  • Music Curation
  • Music Licensing

For this H&M Studio Spring/Summer campaign featuring Kali Uchis, we were provided an iconic 1960s American R&B/soul track as a reference. Responding to this direction, our creative team suggested Jackie Shane’s 1963 track ‘Comin’ Down’.

Born in Nashville in 1940, Jackie grew up as a black transgender child in America’s deep south. She overcame every challenge to become a star of the Canadian R&B scene, and is now celebrated for her contributions to the ‘Toronto sound’. An icon in many ways, her story of fearlessness and grace in the face of bigotry adds an extra layer of meaning to the glamorous visuals of this campaign video.

It turned out to be one of those projects where not only did the music fit the brief, but Jackie’s personal story also struck a chord with the whole team.

  • Agency Dazed
  • Director Charlotte Wales
  • Music "Comin Down" by Jackie Shane (written by Bobby Darin & Rudy Clark)
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