Loooptopia x Roblox

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With the metaverse and social gaming platforms becoming more and more a part of our culture, brands are increasingly asking us to curate and license music to promote their activities in these spaces.

For H&M's Loooptopia - an immersive experience on Roblox where fans are invited to discover their digital fashion identities - we worked with the brand to soundtrack a compelling trailer video.

The team could only give us one track and some screen grabs of the experience as reference points because the game was still in development.

From here we provided a few rounds of options that resonated with the reference track, fit within the budget and appealed to the target audience.

Planet 1999's remix of Banoffee's "This is for Me (Baby Blue)" stood out as the perfect accompaniment to this hyper modern fashion experience, and some swift work on the administration front on both master and publishing sides meant we could deliver the necessary licenses within the timescale.

  • Music "This is for Me (Baby Blue)" by Banoffee (Planet 1999 Remix)
  • Production Company Dubit Limited
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