Elkjøp Sound Identity

  • Sound Identity
  • Production

Elkjøp is a Nordic consumer electronics company, offering electronic goods to a wide audience. Being in the electronics world, we quite naturally tilted our heads towards an electronic soundscape. At the same time, it was important for the music and sound to be approachable and to have a human touch, as technology should never be too cold or too harsh. Therefore balancing the technologic and electronic with the organic and approachable was key in this project. Not only in execution, but also in the construction of melodies.

Elkjøp’s slogan 'We Find A Solution' is depicted in the final sound logo, which is designed to pose a question before delivering a solution. The final sound logo was part of a larger sound identity, with deliverables also including a brand theme and a music library with different moods and textures.

  • Agency Publicis Norway