Rodebjer SS21

Ohlogy’s long term collaborative partner, Scandinavian forerunners in fashion Rodebjer asked us to curate the music for the SS21 show. 

The show itself being digital and involving the viewer, who has to interact with a web page to walk through the collection and see the looks appearing.

The collection takes its inspiration from a trip to Kiev and finding fresh meaning and creativity in ancient wisdom. It emphasises the welcoming and earthy minimalism that defines Rodebjer, and craft, collaboration and sourcing materials in a responsible way is key in this collection.

From these criteria, we took the narrative told in the design and visuals in the show and placed it in a musical context. Offering different takes on the same feelings and conveyed emotions, we landed in a beat driven, contemporary track rather than the initial thought to go for a more ambient choice, whilst still producing and emphasising the warmth and earthy emotions traversing throughout the designs.

The music brings a certain vibrance to the experience, but is not taking focus away from the visual components or its motivations; rather, it empowers it. A playful yet elegant experience, both us and Rodebjer are incredibly happy with this show!